La Sur Real is a film festival dedicated to showcasing short films made in the Global South that propose a decolonial reading of the territories, primarily in Abya Yala, and claim their emancipatory knowledge. La Sur Real seeks cinematic creations that propose a critique of the existing relationship between the North and the Global South, questioning patriarchal white supremacy and sharing contexts that dismantle Western normative prescriptions. 

With screenings in Berlin, Leipzig, and Bogota, it seeks to share points of view that generate new transformative imaginaries that move away from existing normative hegemonic versions, that reclaim knowledge that has been excluded, that manage to expand how reality and therefore images are perceived, that make collective identities more flexible, that integrate the material, the non-human and the animal as relational, generating different ways of connecting us even with the devices attributed to cinema. 

In its programme, this festival presents audiovisual works that speak of struggles, the memory of the South, exiles, conflicts, rescued archives, silenced histories, those cinematic creations that represent migrants, especially in historically hegemonic countries, that highlight the existence of our bodies as autonomous political subjects, capable of our self-determination, owners of our voice and thought.



Thank you for submitting your short films. We will announce our selection soon.