After more than 7 years of promoting film festival processes in Berlin, Kunstrial e.V. presents La Sur Real Film Festival. 

A festival that provides spaces for dialogue between creators, stories and cinematographies from the different souths that inhabit and feed the world.

We believe in the importance of sharing points of view that generate new transformative imaginaries, that move away from the existing normative hegemonic versions, that take up knowledge that has remained excluded, broadening the ways in which we perceive reality and therefore images; imaginaries that make collective identities more flexible, that integrate the material, the non-human and the animal as relational, generating different ways of linking ourselves even with the devices attributed to cinema. 

We exhibit short films that propose a decolonial reading of the territories, mainly of Abya Yala, claiming our own emancipatory knowledge. We are looking for cinematographic creations that propose a critique of the existing relationship between the global north and south, question patriarchal white supremacy and share contexts that dismantle Western normative precepts. 

We share on the screen the representations of Indigenous, Black, Afro-descendant and rural peoples, as well as those who resist for the freedom of their bodies. We celebrate in this space their uses, their customs, their cosmovisions, their ways of relating to nature, food, music, medicine, words and the creation of knowledge.

We are looking for audiovisual works that speak of struggles, of the memory of the South, of exiles, conflicts, of the archives rescued from our silenced histories, those cinematographic creations that vindicate migrants, mainly in historically hegemonic countries, that highlight the existence of our bodies as autonomous political subjects capable of our own self-determination, masters of our own voice and thought.